Lucrative Leathercraft
Lucrative Leathercraft
Learn how to sell the benefits of your leathergoods to your ideal customer.


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The simple guide to building a thriving leather business


You want to make a living selling your leathergoods…

if only you knew the secrets to doing so!

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All it really takes is…

getting clear on a few key pieces of information about your business.

But that’s easier said then done when you feel overwhelmed by social media, list building and all of the other shiny things that everyone is telling you you need to focus on first.

It’s exhausting!

You’re an amazing leathercrafter with great and creative ideas.

You’ve honed your skills and developed great products that you love. Not only do you love your leathergoods, but you’re also constantly getting compliments on your work from friends and family.


You’ve got the physical leather tools, materials and traditional leathercrafting skills but the business side is missing.

You’ve tried to sell your leathergoods, but without much luck and you don’t know how to turn this ship around and create a profitable leather business.


You’re trying to build a following online, but you’re discouraged by your slow progress.

You’ve tried to nail down who your ideal customer is, but every time you hit a wall and have no idea how to figure this out.

Each day that goes by without a sale is another day that your self esteem plummets and you think to yourself, maybe my leathergoods aren’t good enough. (this is usually NOT the case..)

You try and do the right thing by posting on social media, but you don’t see engagement or any results from this time consuming process.

You’re trying your very hardest to make this leather business a success, but you’re frustrated by the lack of sales and think that building a business just might not be for you.

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 You know that you can figure this out though.

You know that you have what it takes to build a successful business.

You know that it’s time to get serious and focused on the best way to build your leather business.

A long time ago, I was totally in your shoes. I tried every single tip and trick that came my way, but I just felt like I was going through the motions and copying what other people were doing (and it wasn't working).

Then I finally got serious about my business. I started focusing on the things that really matter and figuring out what works and what doesn't.

Now I have a leather business and system for my marketing and promotion of my leather goods that I use month after month. It feels so good to know exactly how to make my business grow each month.

This is what happens when you know exactly how to make your business grow each month:

  • You feel excited about posting on social media about your leathergoods, because your following is actually growing FAST with each post.

  • You’re marketing your products with confidence and ease because you know clearly who your customer is and who you’re talking to.

  • Your self esteem has never been higher because you’re making sales of your leathergoods with ease.

  • You’re encouraged each day to continue to build the business of your dreams, because you’re seeing results and business growth each and every day.

  • You confidently talk about your leather business to your friends and family because things are actually going really well and you’re proud of the leather business that you’ve built.

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“I knew I needed to get serious in my business and LUCRATIVE LEATHERCRAFT guided me with clear, actionable steps towards building a sustainable business.”

-Jenny Lien, Small Hours Workshop

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Look, I know that even if you believe this is possible, it still might feel out of reach for you, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Leathercrafters and makers are creating small handmade businesses each and every day.

I struggled at the very beginning with overwhelm and frustration for a long time in my fledgling business until I finally discovered a formula for building a business.

This changed EVERYTHING.

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IMG_5157.JPGintroducing lucrative leathercraft the course that teaches you step by step how to build a leather business

Introducing Lucrative Leathercraft


A 7 step program that will remove all of the confusion and doubt about building a business and instead provide you with simple tools and a clear path to build a profitable leather business that you can depend on.

Say “goodbye” to over thinking things in your business that don’t move the needle and “hello” to making an impact in your business.

Lucrative Leathercraft is a formula that anyone can follow and use to build a successful profitable business of their dreams.

“LUCRATIVE LEATHERCRAFT was exactly what i needed to make a legitimate battle plan for my business.”

-Shane Curran

lucrative leathercraft course contents, learn how to start  profitable leathergoods business

 I know you might have tried to sell your leathergoods before

and it was frustrating and discouraging and didn’t work so this all sounds like it’s too good to be true, right?

Just because it worked for me doesn’t mean it will work for you. So here are a few of my past students and what they have to say about Lucrative Leathercraft…


When I decided to join this course it was important that Mary was also a leatherworker as I am because then we speak the same language. I think the best part of the course is the “homeworks”. After the lessons you get the homework and you have to think about your business and the way to make it better.

Tiina Pyykkö, Tinas Design House

“This course is direct and fast paced and doesn’t get lost in a lot of superfluous details. LUCRATIVE LEATHERCRAFT touches on all the major aspects of what it takes to give us the focus and direction to reach our goals, without having to wad through any filler.”

Shane Curran, The Dead Leather Company

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Hey, I’m Mary!

and i’ve cracked the code of what it takes to build a successful handmade leather business.

For a long time, I struggled in my business to make sales. I felt like I was working 3 times as hard as everyone else just to get minimal results!

I knew exactly how to create awesome leathergoods... but how to create a brand, promote and sell - I was way out of my league.

Everything changed when I said enough is enough, I need to get serious and figure this thing out once and for all.

After investing in my own education from some of the leading marketing professionals and implementing their strategies in my own business, did I start to see a shift.

I finally had a handle on my business and felt like I was in control of the success of my business and how much income I could earn.

Today i’m able to give other leathercrafters just like you the 7 step path they need in order to create a successful and profitable leather business.
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Here’s what you’ll get when you join

Lucrative Leathercraft:

  • 7 core sections of step-by-step video lessons so you know the exact 7 step path to take to building a leather business that succeeds and makes money. ($1400 value)

  • Actionable workbooks, templates, spreadsheets so you can implement each step into your business so you’re never left wondering, “ok now what?” ($400 value)


  • Developing and Planning For Your Dream Business - so you can determine what you want to achieve from the very beginning and get on that path to success.

  • Market Research on Your Customer - Learn how to do the research on your customer so you know exactly who they are and how to attract them in your marketing messages.

  • Using Lead Magnets to Build an Email List - so you control the direct communication between you and your customer instead of the algorithm controlling it.

  • Welcome Sales Funnel Training - So you can welcome each new subscriber with an automated welcome email sequence and entice them to buy your leathergoods.

  • Financial Planning Spreadsheet - so you can easily keep track of your expenses and more importantly your profits without a complex bookkeeping system.

  • Tweaking and Raising Prices Training - learn how to price your leathergoods and when it’s time to tweak and raise your prices so you’re always making a profit and have money that you can reinvest in your business.

  • Pitching Your Work to Get Press Training - learn exactly what to write in your pitch emails and how to follow up so you can catapult your success and get your leathergoods infront of a lot of people at once.

  • Your Next 30 Days Training and Challenge - learn exactly what your next 30 days after you finish the program should look like and what you should be doing so you can track your progress and know precisely how much your business is growing each month.

  • Plus many more trainings



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Join us now for 1 payment of $649 or 8 payments of just $97

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You’ll also get these awesome bonuses!

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An eguide telling you exactly what to do and what not to do to at your first craft fair. Attract shoppers to your table , pitch your products and make sales.


Spreadsheet template and video that shows you how to use a simple spreadsheet to keep track of your income and expenses so you can track your profit month after month.

BONUS #3 1 ON 1 CHECK IN CALLS ($300 value)

Two 1 on 1 check in calls with me so you have a direct line of communication and feel supported throughout the course


We can’t really put on price on a dedicated space where you can ask questions, network and collaborate with other leathercrafters that are all building their businesses as well!

TOTAL VALUE: $694 Bonus + $1800 = $2,500+ value


Join us now for 1 payment of $649 or 8 payments of just $97


Your 7 Clear Steps to Leather Business Success

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Step 1: Get Brand Clarity

Learn exactly how to tap into what it is you’re offering and why your customer should buy it. Arming yourself with these 2 key things is the secret to being able to promote your business to your customer and make sales.

Step 2: Discover Your Ideal Customer

Market research - everyone says you gotta do it, but no one tells you how! I’ll show you ways that you can easily do the research on your customer and learn everything that you need to know about them when it comes time to promote your brand.

Step 3: Attract and Promoting

Once you know who your customer is, then you focus on attracting them and promoting your leathergoods to them. Attracting and promoting are where a lot of leathercrafters mess up. They’re just not sure how to do it! But I’ll show you exactly how to build your email list, grow your social following and the marketing strategies you need to be running in your business month after month to see growth and sales.

Step 4: Financial Goal Setting

Determine how much money you want to earn and map out the strategy behind making that happen. Here’s where you determine specifically what you want to achieve in your leather business and put it into action. With a strategy and game plan, you’ll never waste another minute wondering, “what am I supposed to be doing in my business today?”

Step 5: Profitable Pricing

Price your leathergoods so that you’re making a profit with every single sale! Never underprice your products ever again. When you do this, you have money to cover your costs AND reinvest in your business.

Step 6: Selling with Sales Descriptions

You have to know how to sell your leathergoods to your customer so that they fall in love with your products and feel like they just HAVE TO HAVE THEM. Selling doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people, so i’ll show you how to set up your sales titles and descriptions to convert

Step 7: Scaling

Grow your leather business and take it to the next level by learning how to get press and selling to stores. These 2 things are the keys to catapulting your growth as a business once you have completed Steps 1-6 and your foundation is laid.


I’m ready. How do I get started?


lucrative leathercraft course contents, learn how to start  profitable leathergoods business
  • Click the LET’S DO THIS button above.

  • Enter your billing and payment info.

  • Check your inbox for your welcome email.


lucrative leathercraft, course portal
  • Click the link in the welcome email and access the course.

  • Access prework and Section 1 immediately.

  • Join the course community.


enroll in lucrative leathercraft and sell your leathergoods
  • Receive access to a new section each week.

  • Schedule your live Q&A calls

  • Take the 7 steps and start building the business you’ve been wanting to build.

Join us now for 1 payment of $649 or 8 payments of just $97

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I wholeheartedly believe in the Lucrative Leathercraft course, and have many satisfied students but I want you to feel confident in trying it out for yourself!
That's why I have a 100% Risk Free Guarantee. You can try Lucrative Leathercraft for 1 week, and if decide that it isn’t for you, just ask for a full refund before midnight, within the 1st week of purchase and I will happily issue a 100% refund. To read the full refund policy, CLICK HERE.

With Mary’s guidance, I feel confident that I have the tools necessary to make this a viable self sustaining business. Thank you Mary for shining a light on where I needed to go.

Shane Curran, The Dead Leather Company

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+ I know nothing about how to start a business. Is Lucrative Leathercraft right for me?

Yes! With Lucrative Leathercraft, you'll get a system of steps taking you through laying the groundwork, implementing the marketing and promtional steps and scaling your business. All trainings come from the angle of assuming there is no prior knowledge and you'll be supported the entire time. That said, it is also appropriate for anyone who has a leather business but is not happy with their sales. If you've had a business for a few years and very low sales, chances are you need to address your business foundation and go back to basics.

+ I currently am not having any luck selling my work, so money is pretty tight. Can I really afford this program?

The cost of this program is about the cost of two sides of leather. I understand what it’s like to have no sales coming in but I also know how life-changing it was for me when I invested in learning how to make my business generate money. It was worth it in the end. If you follow the 7 steps in this program, you will make back your investment and then some. It really just depends on how much you put into it. While noone knows your finances better then you, one thing I suspect you can’t afford to do is to keep sinking time and money into a leather business that is going nowhere fast.

+ I'm already pretty busy. Do I really have time to take this program?

I totally get that. Life is busy, but the great thing about Lucrative Leathercraft is that it's actually a time saver, my friend! If you go the googling and trial and error route, you'll spend way more time in the end (believe me, i've been there!). But if you get the framework, you’ll save time by cutting out all of that trial and error. You can get started laying the groundwork today so that in a few weeks you can start reaping the benefits.

+ Are there any other material or equipment costs besides the enrollment cost of the course?

Yes, be prepared to set aside upfront costs associated with setting up an ecommerce shop ($0-$30/mo), an email service provider ($0-$30/mo), domain purchase ($10+). There are many different companies that provide these tools and their pricing and monthly fee varies.

+ Isn't all of this stuff google-able?

Probably. I managed to find most things online but it took me years to do so but I've also spent thousands on course study and masterminds because I was tired of googling and trying to peice it all together mysel! It's a lot harder then it sounds. I've created a program that I wished was available to me 10 years ago when I was first getting started. You can definitely DIY your business and i'm sure eventually you'll get there, but if you want to start making progress NOW and building a profitable business NOW, Lucrative Leathercraft can help you get there faster.

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Reach the top of the mountain!

I want for you to succeed and feel how amazing it is to build a successful business from scratch and reach the top of the mountain!

Your leathergoods are good enough to sell and you are motivated and smart enough to run your own business.

I want for you to be one of those rare people who get to look forward to coming to work, because you have a framework for success, you love what you do and you’re getting results.
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